Increase your technical confidence and meet your continuing professional development (CPD) requirements with our webinars.

As specialists in SMSF auditing, we help you meet your continuing professional development requirements with eligible CPD

Auditors are required to complete 120 hours of CPD every three-year period*. These CPD hours must include 30 hours of development on superannuation, and at least 8 hours of development on auditing SMSFs (for SMSF Auditors).
*Under the Regulatory Guides of ASIC, and the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Regulations, specifically RG 243.99-101, SISR 9A.04 and RG 243.100. SISR 9A.04 (3) (b) requires development that could reasonably be expected to enhance an approved SMSF auditor’s technical skills or professional service delivery.

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