Awan Hammad

    Hi Jason

    I will use BGL360 as an example. In the software you can go to the SuperStream tab and you can see a transaction history showing the “roll in awaiting reponse” and the “roll in transaction received”.

    You can also printout the rollover statement (after $ received) & it lists the dates of the “roll in awaiting reponse” and the “roll in transaction received”.

    If the rollover was done via BGL / Class / Supermate you should be able to get the above details.

    They may have done the rollover request via MyGov and if done this way the trustee should be able to provide documentation to support the request.

    I would be asking how the Trustees gave the other Fund the ESA and on what basis / how was SuperStream used to request & receive the rollover.

    I also note that if done via SuperStream there should be a SuperStream reference number on the deposit in the bank statement.





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