Christopher Vocale

    I had this once and there were disputes over the treatment of funds and who loaned what to where under Section 65, I was the accountant in fact now that I think about it. As one of the Trustees was hostile I ended up ceasing the engagement as I was not going to be able to work with them on this.

    I think you could finish this audit qualifying under 35B and maybe Part A given the finanicals could be impacted as aresult of the breach, subseuqent fines and being made non comlying?

    We are only auditing a set of financials to give an opinion on them are we not? If only one trustee is willing to sign you can ask for both to sign (maybe in writing directly to the non complying party) then after 14 days qualify under this and generally not signing and thats the audit opinion. If the person who did not sign wants to go to court you just say this is what I was presented, I sought signed paperwork, I did not hear back.


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