Hello Stephen, thanks for the question.

It could be that the disclaimer is generic in nature. It appears that the comparable sales that were used to assist in forming the valuation range provided by the real estate agent were from around August 2022 (and not January 2024). It would seem odd if the appraisal, was based on sales from a particular period, and then prevailing market sentiment/market conditions from another period.

There is little utility that can be gained in second guessing what the real estate agent might have meant by the words used in the disclaimer.

The simplest way forward here is to have the real estate that provided the appraisal to confirm in writing that the range provided is intended to assist in valuing the property as at 30 June 2022, based on comparable sales and the prevailing market conditions at or about that time (i.e. June to August 2022).

As an aside, it should not be a concern that for a valuation that is intended to be useful for the purposes of the validating the closing balance of an asset on 30 June 2022, is based on sales that occurred in August 2022. It is not as if the comparable sales needed to have occured as at 30 June. If this was the case, it could be that no valuation is even possible.


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